Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing. Naturopathy is a science of disease elimination without drugs. It is based on the principles of co-operation with the natural laws of life which are ever working within as well as outside the body. Naturopathy makes use of only the natural sources like water, air, light, heat, exercise, food etc.

In such cases the Nature Cure (Naturopathy) methods of eliminative treatment, such as pure diet, hydrotherapy, massage etc., are valuable means of removing these obstructions and promoting the free circulation of vitality.

Naturopathy focuses relatively more on the whole person than the treatment of isolated disease entities.



The system adheres to strong belief in non-pharmacological approaches for preserving health and preventing disease.

Few therapies corresponding to each element are:

Earth – Mud pack and wrap
Water – Hydrotherapy
Air – Breathing techniques
Fire – Sunbath
Ether – Fasting

Yoga, working in tandem with Naturopathy, is regarded as the two wheels of a healing
cart, a vehicle to an effective Mind-Body medicine.

Vivekananda Naturopathy™ or VN™ provides the best of naturopathic services; our treatments are scientifically evaluated and rendered successfully around the world.

Our Therapies


Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Our Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or emotionally-related conditions. Our special blend of essential oils are the concentrated essences taken from the flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves and bark of certain plants. Aromatherapy massage boosts well-being, relieves stress and helps to refresh your body and provides therapeutic benefits.



Acupuncture also called as needle therapy is commonly used for pain relief. It is developed from the 5000 years old traditional chinese healing system. It balances the vital energy levels known as “Qi” in the body as per the traditional concepts. It has been observed that acupuncture has very beneficial effects on Musculoskeletal, neurological and painful conditions.

Diet Therapy

Diet Therapy

Natural diet is a diet containing all the essential elements, which is capable of carrying out all functions of the body and which is in harmony with nature’s law.

Most of the treatments in the system consists of cleansing the system. This is achieved through natural diet.

Eliminative diet: Function is to eliminate toxins and to purify blood. Smoothening diet: For normalization of the body post elimination. Constructive diet: Aims at repair and healing of the body in various aspects for maintaining optimal health. Supporting Studies:

Choosing a diet comprising primarily of plant foods can offer protection against diseases like Heart disease, Cancer, Strokes, Arthritis, as well as to other chronic diseases.

(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1988)

Diet Therapy

Fasting Therapy

Fasting is an important treatment modality for health preservation. It is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. The word is derived from the old English WORD, ‘ Feastan’ means to ‘fast’, ‘observe’, ‘be strict’.

In Sanskrit it means ‘Upavasa’ [abstinence from all sensual gratification] .A fast may be total or partial , and may be prolonged or intermittent as to the period of fasting. Mental preparedness is an essential pre-condition. Prolonged fasting should be done only under the supervision of a competent Naturopath.

Supporting Studies:

Intermittent fasting may have some benefits on biological pathways that directly affect metabolism and potentially longevity, even in healthy individuals.(Martin et al., 2015) Greater weight and fat loss was achieved with intermittent ER. (Byrne 2018)

Helio Therapy

Helio Therapy

Heliotherapy is the scientific application of the sun’s rays in the treatment of disease. The living animal absorbs stored-up sun energy in the form of food, which in itself or in its original form, the sun’s rays, excites the living organism to greater activity accompanied by setting free stored-up energy.

The sun treatment also promotes greater respiratory activity which improves the cardiac action and the general circulation. In addition, heliotherapy stimulates the endocrine glands; the metabolism is increased, the appetite is improved and the digestive functions are more normal.Supporting studies,

Exposure to the sun has multiple positive effects on androgen deprived prostate cancer patients and severe osteoporosis prevention. (Josip Spanjol et al, 2008)

Mud Thgerapy

Mud Therapy

It is a system of treatment in which mud is applied either partially or completely over the body to get the desired therapeutic effect. Mud is one of five elements of nature having immense impact on the body both in health and sickness.

Based on mode of application:

Direct (on the skin)
Indirect (as packs)

Supporting Studies :

Mud therapy effective in OA knees (pain and functional status)- Odabais et al., 2008.