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What we are ...

Dear Business owner/ Entrepreneur/ Specialist in any field,

The Business landscape gets tougher each day. More and bigger players, unrest and discontent, greater confusion, difficult choices and the fear to fail are increasingly becoming common. The color and spirit of our survival needs to prevail over our shades of gray.

Orange on Gray, gives you a platform to collaborate for Business and partnerships. It connects small and medium global businesses together to form a larger, meaner, virtual enterprise.

Partners to the larger enterprise, share each other's functional strengths in building themselves and their earnings, while supporting a larger value to the enterprise through its global connections and family.

The platform provides business opportunities based on demand it creates through its global business connections

Way we do it ...

  1. You can apply for work as a company or as a freelancer.
  2. You (as an individual) or while representing a company can post your work requirements, approx budgets and timelines.
  3. You can make your direct business relationships or seek our recommendations / select demands / vendors / matches.
  4. We monitor your investments / payments at your choice.
  5. At the successful completion of each relationship, each partner to the business relationship gets a chance to give a free, fair and candid feedback which creates value to your business ethics and reputation for subsequent deals. We certify and rank vendors based on feedback on previous work carried out so that you get the best value and deal recommendation.
  6. You pay for what you use and pay for what you get.
  7. We also have direct partners who are exclusive partners to Orange on Gray. While each partner maintains an independent company identity, we also identify as part of a larger group where we partner with other direct partners on our respective areas of specialization under one OnG umbrella. We facilitate demand and deals for our partners.
  8. We keep your identity Confidential, till you decide to disclose.
  9. We are transparent in our dealings and believe in clean, ethical business relationships, standing by our business commitments and payment timelines and have similar expectations from our partners and portal users. We hence reserve the right to terminate any relationship made through our portal without assigning any reason.
  10. Your work value is also related to the ratings you get from your client and vice versa from the vendor which may affect future relationships.