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  1. How do I upgrade my membership status ?
    You can use the `upgrade` link on the top right of the home page.
  2. How do I post an add or an event ?
    Depends on the level of your relationship. For further details, write [email protected] as the website is constantly evolving.
  3. What are the benefits of each level of membership ?
    Check it out on `Upgrade` link on home page. This will be updated with additional features and value for premium and preferred members from time to time.
  4. How do I change my password or username ?
    While Username is unique and cannot be changed, you can go on the settings link at the bottom of the home page and change your password.
  5. What do I do if I feel my account is compromised ?
    Change your password and write to [email protected] immediately.
  6. How do I edit , delete my membership or make my account dormant ?
    You can go the settings page and choose to disable your account (deletes your account permanently and your data is archived OR choose the dormant option wherein your details are not visible to yourself or others however is stored on the platform yet hidden from view. You can also find the edit option incase you need to edit details filled in the past.
  7. How do I know about good and new deals coming on the site ?
    Depending on the status/level of your membership, orangeongray.com will proactively send you deals that suit your area of expertise.
  8. How do I inform about wrong information / data on the platform or through the business relationship so formed?
    You may write to [email protected] and we shall investigate and communicate the outcome.