coffee makes us happy, fun and energetic

Codagu is known for its coffee plantations, and it produces some of the best coffee in the world. In addition, the plantations here produce the best quality of pepper, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg among others.

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1,01,320+ MT

Coffee Produced

8,00,000+ Acres

of Coffee Plantation

770,782 ppl


4,000 mm

Avg. Rain

Coffee (Arabica)
Coffee (Arabica)

100% 'A' grade

₹99/ 100 gm

100 in stock

Green Cardamom
Green Cardamom

8mm 'A' grade

₹225/ 100 gm

47 in stock

Organic Pepper
Organic Pepper

'A' grade

₹89/ 100 gm

72 in stock